Why should you hire a long term disability lawyer to fight an ltd denial ?

Why should you hire a long term disability lawyer if you have an LTD claim? It's not at all hard to answer this question. Long term disability insurance companies are notorious for the tactics they employ against disabled workers who have become sick or injured. Their methods include surveillance of a claimant's activities (recording a claimant secretly and then using the footage against them), digging into a claimant's personal life (banking, credit, and personal activities), and the use of stalling tactics that are designed to push LTD long term disability benefit applicants to the very edge, both financially and emotionally. In short, long term disability carriers do not play fairly at all. And, as opposed to other types of benefit systems, the LTD company is not an objective and impartial adjudicator. Quite the reverse is true: the LTD company has a vested interestd in denying as many long term disability claims as possible to make the company bottom line as much "in the black" as possible. To this end, a long term disability insurer will not likely exert itself to explain to a long term disability applicant the following: 1. Their rights under the long term disability plan. 2. The internal process used by the long term disability insurer to decide a long term disability claim. For these reasons and more, the use of an experienced long term disability attorney is well-advised. In fact, since every LTD plan is potentially different and since LTD companies do not go out of their way to be helpful to disabled individuals who seek benefits under their plans, it's probably a very good idea to seek consultation with a qualified lawyer before you even file for long term disability benefits.