How similar is social security disability to long term disability?

In some respects, the evaluation process is very similar for both long term disability and social security disability. With Ltd as with SSD, if an individual's long term disability claim is denied, the claimant will be provided written notification informing them of the denial as well as an explanation as to why the long term disability claim was denied. Both long term disability and SSD employ the use of an elimination period (with SSD, this is called "the waiting period") and each type of disability benefit relies on the use of a specific definition of disability.

With either long term disability or SSD also, an individual who has been denied will receive the opportunity to file an appeal within a designated period of time. And with long term disability or SSD, a person may seek the help of a lawyer at any time. For example, a claimant may hire a long term disability lawyer before they file a claim, while the claim is ongoing, or after the claim has been denied, though most Ltd lawyers would advise that a consultation be made before a denial has been issued by a long term disability insurer (to avoid mistakes in the development of the administrative record).

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