Unlike other types of disability benefits, long term disability benefits in California do not fall under the protection or governance of a standardized system. They are, instead, administered by insurance companies whose primary goal is to achieve profitability. What does this mean for a resident of california? Unfortunately, it may mean that even though you or your employer have paid premiums for long term disability coverage for months or even years, the insurance company may not give you the "full and fair" review to which you are entitled and simply deny your LTD claim. This, of course, may make it impossible to win your long term disability benefits without the assistance of a long term disability lawyer. If you live in California and need to have long term disability benefits established, you should not simply consider speaking with a lawyer, you should contact a long term disability lawyer as soon as possible. How does one define "as soon as possible" in terms of fighting an LTD insurance company for long term disability benefits? Here's how: you should contact and speak with a qualified long term disability attorney before your LTD claim is denied and even before you actually file a claim for LTD benefits. The way most long term disability plans are set up and administered, if you "postpone" a consultation with an LTD lawyer until after been denied for long term disability benefits, it may, in some cases, be too late to win your LTD claim. And if you to speak with a long term disability attorney until after you've already applied for benefits, you may end up giving your adversary (sadly,the LTD company you've paid premiums to) a "time advantage". Most attorneys who are acquainted with the tactics commonly used by long term disability providers will advise LTD claimants to seek consultation with an LTD lawyer as soon as possible to prevent the insurance company from gaining the upper hand. An insurance company that does this can essentially rob you of your benefits. Specific tactics include the use of delaying tactics,spying on you when you engage in normal daily activities (such spying will be used to justify their claim they you are not disabled but, instead, are able to return to work), and failing to even inform you of what is being assembled in the administrative file or even the fact that they are assembling an administrative file (containing all the evidence that they may potentially use against you).