Can I get long-term disability for a mental condition?

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My 27-year-old daughter has been having problems with depression, hearing voices and was institutionalized for about 30 days.  Her doctor says she is suffering from schizophrenia.  Before this happened she was working at a good job.  Can she get long-term disability for a mental condition?


It is possible to get long-term disability for a mental condition.  There are two avenues for long-term disability for you and your daughter to explore if she is capable.  First, check with the human resources department of your daughter's employer, some employers offer long-term disability benefits as part of a benefits package.  The other resource for long-term disability is Social Security.  Your daughter may be eligible for Social Security Disability and/or Supplemental Security Income.  Applications can be completed online.  If she is unable to file an application because of her mental state, you can complete the application on her behalf. 


Social Security has a listing of Impairments that outlines the medical conditions or diseases that qualify a person for benefits by law.   Schizophrenia and other paranoid disorders is one of the impairments listed by Social Security.


You should also consider contacting an attorney who specializes in disability law and has experience in handling Social Security cases.  Social Security will set aside up to 25% of any past due benefits your daughter may receive if the case is successful to pay attorney’s fees.